Monday, 4 August 2014

Video on Demand

I'm pleased to say that we are well on the way to making our programmes available to rent (as well as to buy) on Vimeo (Video on Demand). The rental price will be roughly be one tenth of the sale price thus making it worthwhile to view and learn from these useful and illustrative films.

It is a slow job including these films in the VOD system. Those that are so far available (about 20 as of 7 August 2014) do have a mention of this fact in their description on our website. If you want to rent or buy online a title which is not currently listed, just email: and we will quickly add it* and then inform you. Of course our programmes are still available to buy on a DVD from

*subject to copyright agreements

Click here for our Vimeo on Demand page

Eric Walker
Trustee of Concord media.

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