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Anthropology Films


Here is a small selection of our films on anthropology. We are slowly putting them all on our new 'video on demand facility. 

If there any you might want to rent or buy via VOD and they are not yet transferred please email us and we will let them 'jump the queue*.  To have a quick look at all of them please visit this section of our website


DVD201365 Minutes
The journey of a traditional Tibetan healer and her students in Ladakh.
For centuries the only medical system accessible to people in Ladakh was the Amchi, the traditional doctor following ‘Sowa Rigpa’, Tibetan medicine. 84% of Ladakh’s population lives in villages and rural areas in the mountains which are difficult to reach. There are no hospitals or clinics.

We follow amchi Karma Chodon on a journey into the wilderness of the Himalayas where she will meet her students for the last time. Although she has passed on the traditional knowledge to the next generation, the film questions the future of the amchi tradition which is threatened with extinction.

Although made in difficult circumstances, this is a unique documentary of a way of life which may soon disappear.

English sub-titles.

This programme is now available to rent or buy via our new Video on Demand service which uses the  website (Vimeo).
 The 48-hour rental price including vat on Vimeo is £4.68 / $7.34 making viewing more accessible to people or organisations with limited budgets. The buying price on Vimeo is the same as the DVD price on our website but includes VAT which is an 'add on' for DVD
 To learn more about this new facility go to our ‘Home’ page and click in the Video on Demand box. To buy or rent this film on Video on Demand just click the 'Video on Demand' button below.
 Prices on Vimeo are quoted in US Dollars but it comes to approximately the same as in Pounds.

£39.00 plus postage, and VAT if applicable

Ancient Futures - Learning from Ladakh

DVD199360 Minutes
How we can learn about ecological solutions from an ancient culture.
Ladakh is a wildly beautiful desert land in the western Himalayas, with few resources and an extreme climate. Yet there is an ancient and thriving culture. Traditions of frugality and co-operation, and a knowledge of the local environment, enabled the Ladakh is not only to survive, but to prosper. This is changing with the impact of 'progress', particularly in the capital. This study forces us to examine wider issues, as what is happening in Ladakh can teach us about the root causes of environmental, social and psychological problems in general, and provides valuable guidelines for our own future.  A video clip can be seen on our website.

£34.50 plus postage, and VAT if applicable

Allan Baldwin: In Frame

DVD201352 Minutes
The moko, or facial tattoo of Maori women reflects an ancient and spiritual culture
In the 60s Allan Baldwin, then a young photographer, travelled through Aotearoa (New Zealand), obsessed with preserving the image of the moko, a Maori tattoo put on the chins of the Kuia women. Allan Baldwin looks back on that time, uncovering his memories and a moving collection of photographs, some seen for the first time.
The culture of the moko, their beautifully crafted facial tattoos, is vitally important to the Maori people. One woman explains ‘I’ve been carrying my people on my back all these years and now I ‘m going to carry them on my face’.
Allan Baldwin has captured these mokos, and with them the beauty and wisdom of an ancient and fragile culture rarely encountered.
This beautifully observed documentary examines an extraordinary spiritual society and a sensitive artist, asking powerful questions about the balance between maintaining tradition and living in the modern world.
Only available in the UK.

£39.00 plus postage, and VAT if applicable

Spirit of the Gypsies

DVD199972 Minutes
Gypsy music and festivals in Britain.
Gypsy music - this film was made by Jeremy Sandford, who made 'Cathy Come Home' and 'Edna The Inebriate Woman', and features David Essex as presenter. There are vivid portraits of the Stow-on-the-Wold Gypsy Horse Fair, and the Romany camp sites, linked with Romany folk songs, and portraits of families and individuals like Dave Rawlings, still travelling behind a horse on the open road.  You can see a video clip on our website.

£23.00 plus postage, and VAT if applicable

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