Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Over 200 films on Video on Demand

Concord Media's Vimeo on Demand page

Did you know, Concord now have over 200+ films to choose from on our Vimeo on Demand channel                  

Subjects include Counselling, Mental Health, Social Concern, Health & Care

And it's growing every week giving you more choice!                                                                                 

Some of our favourites include

Music and the Shadow - 1987 - 45 minutes
Mary Priestley's individual analytical music therapy

Tilt - 1972 - 14 minutes
Witty cartoon about overpopulation, starvation, and people’s selfishness

Journey into Self - 1968 - 45 minutes
Classic record of an encounter group with Carl Rogers

Some Babies Die - 1986 - 56 minutes
Allowing parents and siblings to grieve for stillbirths and neonatal deaths

We also have many films available to rent for as little as £1.00 
(US$ 1.58, €1.37, CAD$1.89 & AUD$1.99) Prices will vary slightly due to exchange rate fluctuations

Sundays Child - Aged 12 years old - 1995 - 47 minutes
Back in England with his mother

Homeless - 1995 - 20 minutes
Seven homeless women in Colchester reveal their experiences

The Truth Game - 1983 - 90 minutes
John Pilger looks at world-wide propaganda surrounding the nuclear arms race

Scientists Under Attack - 2010 - 60 minutes
The danger and immorality of scientific research being funded by big business

For all our films visit: https://vimeo.com/concordmedia/vod_pages/

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