Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The Robertson Films

Concord Media, a not for profit charity, was proud to be chosen by James and Joyce Robertson to distribute their films which revolutionised children's hospitals and then later the treatment of infants in short term care.

The Robertson Films

A Two Year Old goes to Hospital 
Classic film showing the suffering of a little girl in hospital separated from her mother.

Going to Hospital  with Mother
Classic film by James Robertson, contrasting with 'A Two Year Old Goes To Hospital'.

The Importance of Substitute Mothering
Short version of Young Children in Brief Separation John and Jane.

Short Version of Young Children in Brief Separation -  John and Jane
Classic film by James Robertson, contrasting with 'A Two Year Old Goes To Hospital'.

For the full list of the Robertson Films follow this link

At the British Paediatric Association annual conference in early 1951 Professor James Spence sweepingly attacked James Robertson’s presentation of his observations and outline of ‘Protest, Despair, Detachment’. Other paediatricians were considerate but not ‘lit up’ about Robertson’s concerns. “I had a sense of the inadequacy of words to convey what I saw and how I understood it” James Robertson.

To read more on the Robertsons follow this link

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