Thursday, 17 March 2016

Six Important Race Relations Films

A Clip from the Essential Blue-eyed
A look at a selection of films from our race relations category on our website.

A Class Divided
DVD - 1985 - 60 Minutes
Jane Elliott's unique experiment in discrimination through eye colour.

Just Listen - Race and Religion
DVD - 2004 - 12 Minutes
A tragic story of a refugee, and attitudes to Islam.

The Essential Blue-Eyed
DVD - 1999 - 96 Minutes
A shorter version of Jane Elliott's life and her work combating prejudice. Includes debriefing session.

Rainbow Days
DVD - 1997 - 20 Minutes
A colourful multicultural festival in a London school

Theories of Social Work Practice: The Anti-Racist Perspective - Prof. Lena Dominelli
DVD - 1992 - 56 Minutes
Anti-racism - historical and personal issues

Young, British and Muslim
DVD - 1989 - 25 Minutes
Western values versus tradition for Muslim children in Britain 

For our full list of Race Relations Films view this page

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