Thursday, 9 April 2015

A Person Centred Counsellor

Just released - a new programme on counselling which may be of interest to you

A Person Centred Counsellor

A Person Centred Counsellor
DVD  2015  100 Minutes

A real client centred session, and subsequent debriefing
In 2000 Norma James, already a highly experienced therapist with many years of practice behind her, made the decision to work only from a person centred perspective. In this video she demonstrates her practice and talks about her understanding of the approach. There is a 55 minute unscripted session in which the client works with real material, and two short debriefing sessions with the counsellor and the client. Then there is a 33 minute interview with Mike Simmons in which Norma talks about the person centred approach. Provides a rare opportunity to see a real unscripted and unplanned counselling session. Included is a booklet for further study. Chapter makers have been inserted at five minute intervals. Edited and produced by Mike Simmons.
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Another film which could be of interest to all counsellors no matter what type of counselling practised is;

Birth of a Profession
DVD 1999 94 Minutes

A discussion by the pioneers of child therapy.
In a discussion by retired professional people who were pioneers in psychoanalytic child psychotherapy before it was recognised, the picture of how it was at the beginning and the first 50 years of this discipline emerges. They talk about John Bowlby, Anna Freud, James Robertson and many other people who were influential at the beginning of this branch of therapy.

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