Thursday, 23 April 2015

Four films on the issues of Smoking

Terminal Boredom

Terminal Boredom
DVD 15 Minutes
A video about smoking, for use with 11- and 12-year-olds. An anti-smoking story unfolds via the use of cartoon animation, computer graphics and live action sequences. An accompanying teacher's guide demonstrates how to use the video in PSE or any lesson across the National Curriculum.
£17.25 plus postage

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The Smoking Video
DVD 30 Minutes
Smokers and ex-smokers of all ages and classes talking about smoking. A series of clips from interviews with smokers and ex-smokers of all ages and classes talking about smoking. Designed to encourage discussion with a view to helping people to stop.
£23.00 plus postage.

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Life's a Drag
DVD 25 Minutes
Children act scenes about the evils of smoking.Children from a Gloucestershire school act in this amusing film which presents a series of light-hearted tableaux involving different social groups for the audience to identify with. The theme is that smoking is a vicious circle, the older children passing on the habit to the younger ones, and the film ends with a shock.    £17.25 plus postage

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DVD 25 Minutes
The history and effects of tobacco, told by David Bellamy.  David Bellamy describes how and why tobacco came to Europe, and explains the biochemical secrets behind its addictive appeal. He presents some remarkable facts and figures about just how lethal it can be, and offers vivid and harrowing human evidence of the crippling damage tobacco can inflict. Together with Lee Peck he suggest that big business and governments help to foster this habit which killed 100,000 smokers in Britain in 1984.
£23.00 plus postage

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